The Vermont Land Use Education and Training Collaborative had the following ten bulletins developed to address the revisions to Chapter 117 and implications to planning, zoning, development review, housing, and more. These bulletins (3-4 pages long) provide the most comprehensive information available about the Chapter 117 changes.

Hard copies of the bulletins are available from your Regional Planning Commission.

Special Bulletins

Chapter 117 Overview (230 kb)
     Smaller Version (140 kb)

Conformance with the Municipal Plan (230 kb)
     Smaller Version (140 kb)

Permissable Regulations (100 kb)

Bylaw Preparation & Adoption (230 kb)
     Smaller Version (135 kb)

Zoning - Required Provisions & Limitations (230 kb)
     Smaller Version (140 kb)

Equal Treatment of Housing (235 kb)
     Smaller Version (145 kb)

Zoning Permits (225 kb)
     Smaller Version (135 kb)

Development Review (90 kb)

Appeals (230 kb)
     Smaller Version (140 kb)

Appropriate Municipal Panels (90 kb)