The purpose of this manual is to provide a guide for the municipal planning commission in fulfilling its role and responsibilities as set forth in 24 V.S.A. chapter 117, the Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Act. A major role of the municipal planning commission is to develop the municipal plan.

The Planning Manual for Vermont Municipalities provides information that will help the planning commission with this complex task, from designing the planning program to adopting the plan.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction to Planning in Vermont (350 kb)
Provides an overview of planning in Vermont. Includes: the need for planning, a framework for planning, the responsibility of planning, and outlines the planning processes in Vermont.

Chapter Two: The Municipal Plan (250 kb)
Explains the uses, applications, and general adoption and maintenance of the plan.

Chapter Three: The Municipal Planning Commission (60 kb)
Describes how municipalities should designate their planning commission, the role of the planning commission, and the organization/procedures of the planning commission.

Chapter Four: Organization of the Planning Program (85 kb)
Outlines how to design the planning program, how to keep the plan current, and some of the sources for technical help.

Chapter Five: Collecting and Analyzing Information (1.7 mb)
Gives in-depth information on how and where municipalities can find/develop a set of baseline data. Includes: making the community profile, preparing base maps, and analyzing/summarizing data for physical features, land use, and community facilities and services.

Chapter Six: Developing the Plan (400 kb)
Includes how the community should: establish goals and objectives, formulate the plan, select an appropriate implementation program, and finance the plan.

Appendix A - Checklists and Certification for Adoption
Appendix B - Resources
Appendix C - Glossary
Appendix D - Selected Bibliography